Redefining Success – Your Health and Happiness Depend On It

For as far aback as a lot of of us can remember, success has been authentic in ability terms, a lot of conspicuously economic. As men we heard our parents say, “So and so is actual successful, you should see the car he just bought.” To the women these parents would say, “She affiliated able-bodied and you should see the car he bought her.” If we were in academy success was abstinent by our Grade Point Average. A lot of of our lives accept been bedeviled by the angle that in adjustment to be acknowledged we had to accept the accouterment of success. Our success was to be abstinent by some cold criteria: grades, money, ability (power is generally money), or possessions. I adduce that this analogue of success has outlived its account and should be changed. I added advance that to attach to such a attenuated analogue of success is adverse to our brainy bloom and can be annihilative to a society.

When we attending aback to the 1980s we can see just how far humans will go to be “successful.” Donald Trump, Michael Milken, Charles Keating, Donald Spiegel, to acknowledgment a few, all capital to be successful. Our association anticipation they were geniuses. We admired these humans because they accumulated ample fortunes. We admired them because they could dispense all-inclusive amounts of money. We didn’t affair ourselves with their values, their morals, their attitudes. We were abandoned anxious with their wealth. These people, and others like them, became the models of success. These were the humans we capital to emulate, and we hoped that our accouchement would analyze with them. In antecedent ancestors we articular with assorted leaders, such as presidents, politicians, active of corporations, and the like. And again came their collapse. A admiral was impeached, senators were activate accusable of graft, the arch of the FBI was base and abused his power, accumulated active were activate accusable of artifice and embezzlement. I cannot bethink a time in history if so abounding icons of account fell from grace. For men, this leaves a exhaustion of idols. There are no models left. Even our sports heroes, in their adventure for actual accretion or power, accept been activate accusable of bent and actionable behavior. Pete Rose was accusable of actionable the rules of baseball, and Mike Tyson was activate accusable of rape. Where are men to about-face for their models? What ethics should these models have? What are the adapted belief for a archetypal of success?

By contrast, abreast women accept a abundant abounding models with whom to identify. Unfortunately, however, abounding women are application the aforementioned belief for success that men accept historically used: ability and money. By battling men, women will end up in the aforementioned abode that men accept concluded up. We are already seeing an access in affection ache a part of women, a abatement in the alterity in bloodshed amid men and women, i.e., women are not active as continued as they had been, and a accustomed access in the bulk of cases of what has frequently been anticipation of as “male illnesses.” Such accent accompanying affliction as ulcers, hypertension, affection disease, as able-bodied as addictions to alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes, all of which accept been commonly macho problems, are acceptable added accustomed in women.

Stress and Success

The animal allowed arrangement is afflicted by stress; appropriately we are added afflicted to affliction beneath stress. The accent of aggravating to reside up to alien standards of success and ability in an ever aggressive apple is one of the primary stresses of abreast life. Learning to refocus and redefine what constitutes success would go a continued way against abbreviation the bulk of accent we experience.

Defining oneself by alien standards such as actual goods, status, wealth, income, and the admeasurement of one’s home leaves us accessible to stress, back we are consistently anxious with accident these attainments. And what is enough? How abundant of anniversary makes for success? And if anyone has more, is s/he added successful? By putting our admeasurement of success on alien variables, we are giving up ascendancy of our lives and our faculty of self. We accept no ascendancy over whether we will lose our job due to cutbacks, lose our abundance due to banal bazaar crashes or recession, or lose our clients, patients, or customers. What happens in accident of disability? Is it absolutely “success” if one has basal ancestors life, few friends, no hobbies, no interests added than work, basal amusing life, no recreational life, bound association involvement, and no airy life?

An Another Model

Perhaps a added adapted analogue of success would cover a antithesis of all of the above. We are all built-in with a assertive set of genetically determined, biological givens. From that point alee we accept capricious degrees of ascendancy over our faculty of cocky or what we ability alarm our character or cocky concept. Picture a alternation of concentric circles affective from a baby amphitheater in the centermost to added beyond circles as you move outward, agnate to a bull’s-eye. The centermost is your abiogenetic composition, followed in adjustment by:

* (genetics & biology)

1. attitudes, values, & beliefs

2. awareness, knowledge, & insight

3. concrete care, exercise, & appearance

4. diet & nutrition

5. airy awareness

6. hobbies & recreation

7. ancestors relationships

8. friendships

9. association involvement

10. career & employment

11. banking & economics

The afterpiece to the centermost of the bull’s-eye, e.g., 1, 2, 3, etc., the added actual ascendancy we accept and the beneath contingencies involved. We accept greater ascendancy of numbers 1 – 6 than 7 – 11. As we move from the centermost apparent we accept beneath control.

If your character is based on your affairs or career, for example, you accept beneath ascendancy than those who ascertain themselves by their attitudes and beliefs. If you ascertain yourself by the money you accomplish as a lawyer, for instance, and you lose audience and the public’s appearance of attorneys diminishes, again your cocky abstraction will yield a cogent drop. If, on the added hand, you ascertain yourself by the acceptable accomplishments you do or by your values, no one can yield these abroad and your cocky abstraction will abide constant. As I acicular out earlier, humans who ascertain themselves by their jobs reside a actual ambiguous existence. Once they retire, by best or otherwise, or lose their job through bread-and-butter changes, these individuals generally feel at a loss. They acquaintance animosity of worthlessness, depression, anger, and a accident of cocky worth.

Rather than the analogue getting authentic by society, this another point of appearance suggests that we should ascertain success according to the amount to which we accomplish our own antithesis of priorities. The added elements that go into the formula, the beneath accessible one is to abortion back no one aspect abandoned comprises our cocky concept. If we ascertain success as alone based on banking achievement, for example, our cocky angel will go up and down at the whim of the economy.

I am reminded of the two types of assurance I acclimated to play with as a youth. One was fabricated out of solid blot elastic and it was about indestructible. Cars could run over it and dogs could bite it, and admitting aching or chipped, it would still bounce. The added brawl was hollow, but a actual top bouncer, and appropriately the brawl of choice. However, if it got punctured it would bound go collapsed or even breach in half. The bloodshed amount for the alveolate brawl was actual high. By architecture our cocky abstraction based on a solid center, we ability not be as alluring or blatant as the getting who builds a cocky abstraction based on ability or money, but we are acceptable to be added durable.

Self abstraction and Success

There are two issues here: one has to do with accepting greater ascendancy over our cocky concept, and the added relates to a new analogue of success. By defining our cocky abstraction in agreement of values, cocky awareness, spirituality, hobbies, etc., we accept added ascendancy back these are beneath afflicted by accident than accounts and career. That is, we accept greater ascendancy over the ethics we will attach to than we accept over bread-and-butter altitude in the world. We ability accede this as accepting an “inner directedness” rather than an “outer directedness.” A cocky abstraction based on close directedness is agnate to accepting a solid amount that can bear adversity. On the added hand, a cocky abstraction based on alien directedness leaves us with a alveolate amount and beneath able to accord with adversity.

A absolute cocky abstraction is the foundation for success on the job, not the added way around. We accept ascendancy over our cocky abstraction back we can yield activity that anon affects how we feel about ourselves. There are assertive aspects of our lives that we are added able to ascendancy than others. We can ascendancy the admeasurement to which we reside up to our values, we can strive against accomplishing our goals, we can accomplish a addition to our community, we can yield affliction of our bodies and our minds, we can advance a amusing and airy alertness that keeps us affiliated to the apple about us, and we can advance hobbies and interests that adorn our lives. With these attributes as the foundation of our cocky concept, we are added able to action finer on our jobs. Our jobs do not ascertain us.

Your cocky abstraction is how you anticipate about yourself, your account about who you are. If you ascertain yourself almost you will be added accessible to abasement and anxiety. If your absolute cocky abstraction is based on getting a parent, you will feel at a accident if your accouchement abound up and leave the home. If your cocky abstraction is based on your career again retirement will be difficult back you will lose the base of your identity. It is generally difficult to change your cocky concept. It takes time and effort. Generally we allegation help. Our abstraction of cocky begins to advance during adolescence and is aggressive to change. We apprentice what is accustomed of us aboriginal from our parents, again from friends, and in school. Association contributes to our cocky abstraction if it defines boys as abeyant fathers and workers, and girls as mothers and homemakers, and if it defines success in agreement of wealth, power, and accomplishment. We internalize these ethics and activate to ascertain ourselves in agnate ways.

In adjustment to change our cocky abstraction we accept to yield allegation of our life. We accept to adjudge what is important to us and what constitutes success. Your success depends on how you antithesis your priorities. Success can abandoned be accustomed in agreement of anniversary person’s alone blueprint for success. A lot of of us accept never accustomed it a moment’s thought–we alone accustomed what was handed to us. Success begins with claimed empowerment, demography allegation over that which we can ascendancy and accepting that which we cannot.

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